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Los Angeles Rainfall Causes Unsafe Conditions and Accidents Rain Forecasted to End!

Los Angeles and Southern California have been hit by early January storms, causing many serious car and truck accidents, as well as significant rainfall and flooding.  Downtown Los Angeles has sustained almost five (5) inches of rainfall, as per the report of 5:47pm, January 17, 2019, of the National Weather Service.  See Los Angeles Almanac.

If you were involved in a car or truck accident in the rain, here are a few things to do:  be sure to call 911 if you were injured or need other emergency assistance, and before moving any of the vehicles try to take detailed photos of all vehicles, their damage and the scene of the collision.  Also, get all identifying information, including take photos of the other party’s driver’s license, insurance cards and vehicle license plates.

If you were not at fault, it’s wise to call the police and wait until they arrive (which, unfortunately, may take even longer when it’s raining) to get a written police report, usually called a “traffic collision report”, to help prove you were not at fault.  If you were not at fault, we cannot emphasize enough how important and helpful a favorable police report can be to winning your case and also proving to your own insurance company that you were not at fault so your insurance rates will not go up!

At the time of writing (January 17, 2019), the weather forecasted, well actually the rain forecasted, for Los Angeles for Thursday night (January 17, 2019) is only 20% precipitation and for Friday (January 18, 2019) even less at only 10% precipitation and then Saturday for at least the next ten (10) days nothing, 0% chance of precipitation, per the Los Angeles 10 Day Weather Forecast provided by the Weather Channel.

Interestingly, the last rainfall season for Los Angeles, July 2017 to June 2018, was the driest rainfall season for Los Angeles since 2006-2007; and it actually was the third driest rainfall season for Los Angeles since records for rainfall were kept since the year 1877—142 years ago!

The highest record rainfall recorded for downtown Los Angeles occurred not too long ago in 1969 when downtown Los Angeles had 14.94 inches of rain.  While some weather reporting sources just refer to Los Angeles, these numbers are for downtown Los Angeles, recorded by a weather station located on the campus of the University of Southern California (USC).

Here are the specific rainfall figures to date for January 2019 for downtown Los Angeles:

Date In January          Rainfall Measured Per Day               Accumulated Rainfall for January

                                    Measured In Inches                           Measured In Inches

5                                  0.55                                                     0.55

6                                  —                                                        0.55

7                                  0.20                                                     0.75

12                                0.74                                                     1.49

14                                1.00                                                     2.49

15                                0.55                                                     3.04

16                                0.99                                                     4.03

17                                0.93                                                     4.96

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