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Jurupa Valley Hit-and-Run Kills Bicyclist

Sadly, a 30-year-old bicyclist, Rigoberto Guzman, was killed in a Jurupa Valley Hit-and-Run incident. The bike accident occurred around 11 p.m. at the intersection of Limonite Avenue and Van Buren Boulevard.

According to the Redlands Daily Facts, Guzman was biking northbound on Van Buren Boulevard when he was suddenly hit by a car and the driver fled. Police say, Guzman “was flung to the far east side of the roadway, where witnesses spotted him and called 911.” Tragically, Guzman died at the scene.

Based on witness descriptions of the vehicle, police were able to locate the car and the driver that caused the accident the next day. 26-year-old Andrew Scott Walters has been arrested for causing this wrongful death bicycle accident. Police are now investigating what caused the accident in the first place, though it appears it was not drugs or alcohol.

In this case, it is fortunate that the driver of this hit-and-run incident was found. Now the family members of the Mr. Guzman can bring a wrongful death claim against the driver that caused this tragic wrongful death accident. A wrongful death claim is a civil claim, different from any criminal charges the driver will face for leaving the scene. Through a wrongful death claim, the family of the victim can receive financial compensation for their unexpected loss that can help cover expenses such as medical costs, funeral and burial costs, and lost wages.

Sadly, serious or deadly bike accidents occur all too frequently on busy Southern California Roads. At night, these accidents can be even more common as the dark can make it more difficult for drivers to see cyclists. If you do cycle at night, consider taking the following precautions to avoid a serious accident:

  • Ride with a bike light and stay on a lighted path if at all possible
  • Wear a helmet—no matter what time of day you cycle, a helmet is a must for safety
  • Stay constantly alert—remember at night it may be more difficult for cars to see you, so always pay attention to vehicles around you
  • Wear reflective clothing
  • Decrease your speed and follow all traffic rules—at night, it is better to be extra cautious by slowing down and traveling with extra care

Even when taking every precaution, a cyclist can still be hit by a car and these accidents are particularly harmful to the unprotected cyclist. If you have lost a loved one in a Riverside County bicycle accident, be sure to contact a skilled wrongful death attorney right away. Even if the incident was a hit-and-run and the driver has not been found, there may still be options for financial recovery, so be sure to talk with an attorney.

At Walch Law, our wrongful death lawyers have the compassion and years of experience you want in an attorney handling your bike accident wrongful death claim. We help with cases throughout Riverside and Los Angeles County and we can be reached any time for a free consultation at 866-465-8792.

We extend our condolences to Mr. Guzman’s family and hope they get the justice they deserve.

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