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How Much Is My Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Worth?

Your hernia mesh lawsuit will be worth an amount that is going to be equal to your pain and suffering, as well as the compilation of your personal injuries, resulting from the hernial mesh claim. There is no one barometer that will decide the value or worth of your hernia mesh lawsuit.

Everything needs to be considered when you are bringing an action at law for personal injuries sustained from a hernia mesh surgery, and it will include your:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Follow up procedures to repair the problems from the complications
  • Lost wages from work
  • Current and future therapies
  • Pain management after the surgeries
  • Any new disabilities associated with the complications of the hernia mesh surgery

The recovery compensation that will be awarded to you in settlement for your hernial mesh case, will depend on your personal injuries from the hernial mesh. The factors to be considered to determine your settlement amount will include:

  • Time off of work
  • Recovery from surgeries
  • Emotional trauma and stress related to the hernial mesh
  • Complications due to the hernial mesh injury
  • Additional surgical procedures scheduled
  • Wound infections and slower recoveries
  • Postoperative pain management
  • Physical therapy

Average Recovery Time After a Hernial Mesh Surgery

The average operating time for non-mesh repairs is usually under 5 minutes. People who undergo mesh repair surgical procedures can often return to daily tasks and duties within 3 days of the surgery.

The surgeon performing the hernia mesh surgical procedure needs to know which hernia mesh should be applied to meet the needs of the patient’s diagnosed hernia. The hernia mesh chosen needs to perfectly reflect the needs of the patient, and be the best hernia mesh choice possible to attend to the patient requirements for care and repair of the individual’s hernia.

Other Factors Related to Having a Successful Hernia Mesh Repair Surgery

The healthcare providers and surgical team related to your hernia mesh repair surgery need to put together a specific plan on how you will be treated, how you need to recover and how your care needs to outline the best avenue for a successful surgical procedure to repair your hernia.

For this reason, the mesh used for a hernia mesh repair surgery needs to fit many different factors, which will be modified for each surgical procedure and each patient needing a hernia repair surgery. In fact, the hernia mesh needs to have:

  • Proper resistance once put into place to repair the hernia
  • Durable and consistent wear
  • Be tolerant of the tissues nearby to properly adhere
  • Be flexible but not move once place
  • Be able to be properly sterilized prior to insertion into the patient’s body
  • Have specific qualities of adhesiveness
  • Be able to promote tissue growth with minimal shrinking
  • Not be painful for the patient once placed
  • Should form seroma but not a fistula
  • Should be elastic in many different facets of the mesh

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