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Helicopter Crash – 3 People Killed in Los Angeles Work Accident

A Los Angeles work accident has resulted in the deaths of the pilot and two passengers of a helicopter, in Polsa Rosa Ranch, California. According to the Los Angeles Times, the helicopter accident occurred during a production of a reality television show for the Discovery Channel. The pilot of the helicopter, David Gibbs, from Valencia, had apparently been involved in other incidents in which he was reprimanded by the FAA.

Many safety issues have come up regarding this particular helicopter crash. First, it has been questioned whether Mr. Gibbs, given his safety record, should have been hired to work on this project. Also, it must be answered why the helicopter was flying at night, in a hilly area with poor visibility. The Los Angeles helicopter accident resulted in the deaths of a crew member and a cast member of the reality based television show that has not yet been named.

According to the L.A. Times, there is currently debate in Hollywood as to the safety of filming certain reality tv shows. It is alleged that deaths and work injuries have occurred due to an attempt to show dramatic footage and cut costs involved in the production of the shows.

Anyone injured in a California work accident has a right to make a California workers’ compensation claim. Employers are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage in case an employee is injured on the job. In a workers’ compensation claim, the fault of the employer is not relevant. This policy decision is designed to prevent adversarial litigation between the employer and the injured employee.

Sometimes, there may be a workers’ compensation and Los Angeles personal injury case arising from the same incident. For example, if an employee is driving as part of his job duties, when he is rear ended by another vehicle, he may be able to make a workers’ compensation and personal injury claim for his injuries and damages. However, the injured employee will not be entitled to a double recovery. We are happy to discuss these technicalities with any prospective clients.

If you are injured in a work accident in Los Angeles, our experienced Los Angeles injury lawyers are available to hear about your injury and guide you in getting the help you need. We are available for a free consultation for all injury cases.

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