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Four People Suffer Serious Injuries in Sylmar Building Explosion

An explosion in Sylmar today has caused serious injuries to four people inside the building. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Sylmar explosion occurred at 12349 Gladstone Avenue in Sylmar, California.

According to reports from Los Angeles firefighters, the Sylmar building explosion caused part of the building to collapse. The Los Angeles Fire Department has said that there may be additional people inside the building who may be trapped.

We expect more details about the Sylmar explosion injury victims to emerge later today and tomorrow. The Google Maps Street View of the location shows a commercial area of nondescript buildings.

Those people who suffered injuries from the Sylmar explosion, which may include burn injuries or smoke inhalation injuries, are advised to contact a Sylmar personal injury lawyer who can help guide them in getting medical care to treat the serious or catastrophic injuries and who will fight to help them recover the Sylmar burn injury damages they deserve.

Our Sylmar injury lawyers help people involved in all types of accidents in Sylmar and throughout Los Angeles, including burn and fire injuries. These types of injuries can be particularly serious and often involve extensive surgeries to repair the damage and plastic surgery to repair the scarring. Burn injury victims need an experienced burn injury lawyer to help them get the medical care they need and the recovery they deserve. Our personal injury law office offers a free consultation to anyone who suffers burn, fire, or other explosion related injuries.

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