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Father Sues Los Angeles County After Deputy Caused Accident That Killed His Two Sons

In a matter of seconds, Luis Hernandez lost both his young sons in a Los Angeles wrongful death accident. An SUV driven by a rookie Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy crashed into two vehicles while responding to a call. The crash caused the SUV to veer on to the sidewalk where the Hernandez family was walking. According to The Los Angeles Patch, “Jose Luis Hernandez, 7, and his 9-year-old brother, Marco Antonio Hernandez, were killed and their mother was critically hurt.”

Mr. Hernandez has now filed a civil lawsuit against Los Angeles County alleging negligence and wrongful death. The suit argues that the deputy was driving at high speeds but “was not in the process of responding to an emergency call, was not in the immediate pursuit of an actual or suspected violator of the law and did not have (her) sirens and/or lights activated.” Additionally, Mr. Hernandez argues the deputy should not have been allowed to drive before completing her training.

What happened to Mr. Hernandez and his family is devastating. While no amount of money will replace the loss of his two young boys, his wrongful death case can provide some financial compensation. In his case, he is bringing the claim against Los Angeles County, who is responsible for the actions of their sheriff deputies. A claim against the county, instead of the individual deputy, is the best option because the county has greater funds to compensate the Hernandez family for their wrongful death damages, which are millions of dollars.

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