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Fan Injured by Player’s Family At Los Angeles Rams Game

Henry Romero, a die-hard Los Angeles Rams fan, never expected that watching the Rams playoff game would involve him getting hurt. ABC 7 News reported that the trouble began after the game when Romero took his daughter down to see the players and take pictures. They were asked to leave because, apparently, they were in the Rams family section. When an unknown lady sitting in the section yelled at them, “words were exchanged,” and then suddenly, Romero was attacked right in front of his daughter. Romero recounted, “I felt three big men hitting me. Hit me in the head, back of the neck, and in my face.” Romero’s young daughter was also hit in the process.

Ultimately, Romero suffered a fractured eye socket and stitches in his forehead. The Los Angeles Rams did comment stating, “We are aware of an incident following our game and we are working with authorities to determine exactly what happened.”

No one should have to worry about getting beat-up at a professional football game—the violence should be left to the players on the field. In this case, while the suspects could face criminal charges for the attack, Romero could also make a Los Angeles personal injury claim against his attackers for the harm that he suffered.

As a victim, he would be entitled to monetary compensation for his injuries if he can show that:

  1. Someone else was legally responsible for causing the incident (liability);
  2. He was actually injured (damages); and
  3. The other person’s actions were the cause of the injuries (causation).

Depending on the facts, Romero may also have a claim against the team, the stadium security and others who maybe responsible, if it was their lack of security that resulted in his injuries.

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