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DUI Suspect Drives onto Fullerton Sidewalk Injuring 10 Pedestrians

In the early hours of the morning, in a busy area of Fullerton, a driver of a Toyota Tacoma drove up onto the sidewalk hitting 10 pedestrians. The location of the incident was downtown near several restaurants and bars, so hundreds of people were out on the streets. When the accident occurred, several of the victims were trapped underneath the truck.

ABC 7 News reported that when police arrived at the scene, nearby good Samaritans were attempting to help the victims. With the help of these people, officers were able to lift the truck up enough to free the injured pedestrians trapped underneath. Emergency response personnel immediately began life-saving measures on the victims. Ultimately, 10 victims were rushed to local trauma centers with moderate to critical personal injuries.

Perhaps the most devastating aspect of this incident is that it could have been totally avoided. According to police reports, the Tacoma driver, 22-year-old Christopher Solis of Anaheim, was driving under the influence of drugs when the crash occurred. It appeared he had an argument with some other individuals and got in his to drive away. In doing so, he hit another vehicle, then panicked and tried to run—in this attempt to flee, he drove up on the sidewalk causing this serious pedestrian accident. Mr. Solis was placed under arrest for felony DUI causing great bodily injury.

It is certainly tragic that what started as a fun night out, ended in serious injuries for so many people. As Fullerton PD Lt. Jon Radus said, “this is supposed to be a place where people are able to come and enjoy themselves and, unfortunately, someone’s reckless behavior and their lack of caring about others has caused a lot of heartache and a lot of sadness for families today.”

It is important to remember that when a driver harms other people because of his choice to drive in a reckless and careless way, such as choosing to drive while under the influence, that driver is responsible for the injuries he causes to others. Although he will likely face criminal charges, he will also be civilly liable to the victims of this Fullerton pedestrian accident. The victims in this accident should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to learn what steps they can take to bring a personal injury claim to be compensated for their injuries.

In a case like this with several victims, it is possible that the responsible driver will not have insurance or not have enough liability insurance coverage to cover the costs of the damages caused to all of the victims. This is why it is especially important to speak with a skilled personal injury attorney that can assist you in identifying other sources of compensation, such as uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage within the victim’s own car insurance policy. This type of policy can help provide much-needed financial compensation in a situation like this.

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