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Driver Who Hit 2 Pedestrians Allegedly Arrested on Marijuana Charges

After a downtown Los Angeles pedestrian accident, the driver of the vehicle has allegedly been arrested on charges related to marijuana possession. Allegedly, the passenger in the vehicle purchased the marijuana from a marijuana dispensary in Pasadena, using a prescription, and had it in his backpack at the time of the collision.

When officers investigated the Los Angeles auto versus pedestrian accident, they found 13 grams of marijuana in the backpack, after smelling marijuana in the vehicle. The driver was apparently also arrested, possibly on the suspicion that marijuana use contributed to causing the auto v. pedestrian accident.

The two pedestrians, who were hit by the car in Los Angeles, claimed to be injured but did not want immediate medical attention and were not transported to the hospital by ambulance.

It is important to note that while it may be legal to obtain marijuana by medical prescription for personal use, it is illegal to drive while under the influence of marijuana. If the driver involved in this Los Angeles auto accident was found to be under the influence of marijuana at the time, he could face some serious criminal charges. Fortunately, the pedestrians who were struck were not seriously injured.

Glendale police also reported that while marijuana stores are not allowed in Glendale, many appear in surrounding communities in order to cater to the Glendale market. According to the Glendale Police Department, often these prescription purchases are later re-sold illegally on the streets. In this case, officers found a scale in the car, adding to the speculation that the marijuana might be illegally re-sold.

The injured pedestrians have the right to seek medical care for their injuries and, depending on the cause of the accident, may want to hire a Los Angeles injury lawyer to pursue their claim for damages.

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