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Driver Injured When Car Struck by Train in Los Angeles

A train collided with a car in the Little Tokyo area of downtown Los Angeles this morning, causing a serious hip injury to the driver of the vehicle. According to the Los Angeles Times, the train that hit the car was an LA County Metro Gold Line train.

Fortunately, nobody was killed in this downtown Los Angeles train accident. It is not yet clear what exactly caused this particular collision. It is possible that the car was making a turn and did not see the train coming or that the car stalled while on the tracks. Investigators will also have to look into whether all appropriate safety and warning measures were taken by the gold line train.

As we continually see, whenever trains, buses and commuter cars are operating in the same areas, there is potential for disaster, especially in cases of human error. This is why it is necessary for the operators of trains and other common carriers to exercise an additional level of safety and precaution while operating. It is also imperative that all appropriate warning and safety measures be taken to prevent pedestrians or cars from being struck by trains and buses. This means clearly marking the areas where a train or bus may be passing and operating at slower speeds when going through busy areas.

Train and bus operators must be aware that certain drivers or pedestrians may have vision or hearing difficulties, which can also contribute to causing certain accidents. Safety planners must take all of these things into consideration when designing the layout for the train and bus routes.

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