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Driver Dies in Cajon Pass Truck Accident

A truck accident on the Cajon Pass today killed the driver of the big rig truck and may have injured occupants of another car. The California big rig truck accident allegedly occurred when the UPS truck, which was pulling two trailers, struck a car on Interstate 15, on the Cajon Pass. This impact caused the truck driver to lose control of the truck and careen off the side of the road.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the UPS truck accident occurred near Oak Hill Road and caused three lanes of the freeway to be closed by the California Highway Patrol, while they investigated the cause of the accident. It was originally believed that high winds caused this truck wreck, but it appears now that the initial impact with the car caused the truck to lose control.

The California Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of this collision, including whether it was the car or UPS truck that caused the initial collision. If the truck driver caused the collision, then the United Parcel Service may be responsible for any truck accident injuries suffered by the occupants of the car that was struck. If, however, the driver of the car is found to have caused the collision, the driver, and his/her insurance company, will be responsible for the wrongful death of the truck driver.

The family of the truck driver should consult with a truck accident wrongful death lawyer to see if wrongful death damages will be available. The family should also consult with a workers compensation lawyer, as the driver was injured while working.

If injured, the driver and any injured occupants of the car that was struck by the UPS truck, should consult with a California truck accident lawyer. Any witnesses to this California truck crash should contact the California Highway Patrol to aid in the investigation.

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