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Don’t Text and Drive in 2019!

2018 marked the 10-year anniversary of the enactment of hands-free cell phone and no-texting laws in California. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) this milestone showed a decrease in the number of citations issued for distracted driving and a decrease in the number of collisions caused by distracted driving. However, even with this decrease, the problem of cell-phone use and texting while driving still persists.

Texting While Driving is Distracted Driving

Texting while driving falls under the umbrella of “Distracted Driving.” There are many ways a driver can be distracted while driving—anything from eating or looking down to change the music station to looking at a passenger can dangerously take a driver’s attention from the road. However, cell phones continue to be a top cause of distracted driving accidents.

Texting while driving is especially dangerous because it includes visual, manual, and cognitive driving distractions—it takes your eyes off the road, your hands of the wheel, and your mind off your driving. These types of distractions far too often lead to tragic consequences that involve serious or deadly car accidents. Although it may seem like quickly texting while driving is harmless, the U.S. Department of Transportation reports that “when you send a text, you take your eyes off the road for about 5 seconds. That’s the time it takes to drive the length of a football field going 55 MPH!” Knowing this helps to illustrate the magnitude of the problem even one text message sent while driving can present.

Make 2019 a Year of Distraction Free Driving!

Every year the CHP continue to encourage drivers to put down their phones while driving through various safety campaigns. Changeable signs along the freeway often read “TEXTING TICKET $159+, NOT WORTH IT” reminding California drivers that texting while driving can result in an expensive ticket. This includes texting while at a red light. Other campaigns by the CHP include signs stating: “Distracted Driving is not worth: Losing a family member or loved one, Getting into a collision, Increased insurance rates, Getting a citation.”

According to the CHP, the use of a cell phone while driving increases your chances of being involved in a collision by 400%. Using a phone while driving is certainly not worth this risk. If you have an emergency, pull over in a safe spot to use your phone. At Walch Law, we join the CHP in encouraging California drivers to put their cell phones away and never text while driving this year. Many personal injury and wrongful death car accidents can be avoided by taking this simple step.

If you are injured in a motor vehicle collision caused by a driver texting or using cell phone, or if a family member was tragically killed in this type of accident, Walch Law is here to help. Our attorneys have years of experience helping victims and families of personal injury and wrongful death cases get the compensation they deserve when they are harmed in a Southern California distracted driving accident. Reach out today for a free consultation by calling 866-465-8792.

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