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California Truck Accident Spills Beef in the Cajon Pass

A big rig truck accident in California yesterday, in the Cajon Pass, on Highway 138, spilled 35,000 pounds of frozen beef onto the freeway. Fortunately, the driver of the 18 wheeler truck was not injured in the accident and no other vehicles were impacted by the truck.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the California truck accident happened where the I-15 meets State Highway 138, and was likely caused by the wet conditions from the rain.

In Los Angeles County, there has been a serious increase in accidents due to the severe rain storm and weather conditions. The California Highway Patrol reported that there were 85 motor vehicle accidents in the short time between 5am and noon on Monday. This is in stark contrast to one week ago, where there were only 36 car accidents during the same time frame.

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