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California Automobile Insurance Coverage Requirement

California drivers are subject to Proposition 213, which the California voters passed in 1996. This law hinders the recoveries of drivers who are injured in California auto accidents by essentially providing that drivers in California who are not covered by a valid liability insurance policy, cannot receive non-economic damages (pain, suffering, etc.).

Insurance companies use this law to punish uninsured California residents involved in automobile accidents. Unfortunately, while not its original purpose, this law is often used against people who have a small gap in their coverage, such as when an insurance premium payment does not go through in time, or due to other types of human error.

Fortunately, Proposition 213 does not apply to passengers of the vehicle, so passengers are still entitled to the full value of their cases and, if injured, should call our office to find out their rights.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that certain insurance companies in California are providing discounts to low-mileage drivers. We wish to remind you to never drive without a valid automobile insurance policy, to avoid the pitfalls of Proposition 213.

Our office has been handling cases on behalf of insured and uninsured motorists in California for over 30 years. Whether you have insurance or not, there are important policy details that the insurance companies will try to use against your claim. If you have been involved in a car accident in California, whether you are insured or not, or whether the other party is insured or not, call our office so that we can explain to you your rights and work to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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