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Burbank Metrolink Accidents Feared

Officials have grown increasingly worried about the possibility of a Metrolink train accident in Burbank, due to unsafe crossings and the addition of the Metrolink express train service that runs from Burbank to Los Angeles Union Station.

According to the Burbank Leader, the downtown Burbank Metrolink station is one of the busiest Metrolink stations and commuters will rush across tracks when they think a train is idle, not considering the possibility the train will accelerate in reverse. This poses a serious risk of a Metrolink train pedestrian accident.

Apparently, people cross the tracks because buses serve both sides of the station. Currently, Metrolink appears to be relying on security guards at crossing stations giving warnings that people should not cross when the bell and lights are on. However, security guards have acknowledged that there is a common practice of people not listening to these warnings and crossing anyway, apparently because they think it is safe.

No Metrolink train accident fatalities have been reported at the Burbank station, but officials and other passengers are worried that it may only be a matter of time. One frequent passenger has recommended that Metrolink install arms at the platform crossing to give a more clear warning when pedestrians should not be crossing. There is an implication that nothing is currently being done because of the lack of fatalities and that Metrolink is waiting until tragedy strikes before acting.

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