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Attack at Dodgers Game Leaves Fan with Serious Personal Injuries

A recent Dodgers game ended in a tragic personal injury for one fan. Rafael Reyna, father of four, was attacked by another fan in the parking lot after an intense game with extra innings. ABC 7 News reported that because of the intense game, fans were heated and “people got a little excited, and some people got angry.”

Reyna was on the phone with his wife when he was attacked—she heard arguing and then a “smack, a crack, [that] sounded like a baseball bat.” Reyna was rushed to the LAC+USC Medical Center in serious condition. He suffered a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain due to the incident. The attacker fled the scene in a white Toyota 4 Runner. Police are asking anyone with more information to come forward.

This is not the first time a fan was seriously injured at a Dodger’s game. Several years ago, a man was permanently disabled after he was beaten by two men. Since this incident, the Dodgers have allegedly increased security and tried to make the game environment safer for fans. However, Reyna still got seriously hurt—his family plans to bring a personal injury suit to receive compensation for his injuries.

No one should have to worry about getting beat-up at a sporting event that is supposed to be about the fun of the game. In this case, if the suspected attacker is caught, he will likely face criminal charges for the attack. In addition to any criminal charges, the attacker will be liable for Reyna’s injuries which would be established in a civil personal injury claim. In a case like this where the incident occurred at the Dodgers game, depending on the facts, Reyna may also have a claim against the team, the stadium security and others responsible, if it was their lack of security that resulted in his injuries.


Elements of a Personal Injury Claim

As a personal injury victim, Reyna would be entitled to monetary compensation for his injuries if he can show that:

1) Someone else was responsible for the incident (in legal terms, this is called liability);

2) he was truly injured (i.e. he suffered damages); and

3) The action by the other person was the cause of his injuries.

When liability is established, then the victim of a personal injury can receive damages to help cover medical bills, costs of continued recovery, and other damages such as lost wages or pain and suffering.

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