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Anaheim School Bus Accident Causes Critical Injuries

An Anaheim school bus accident earlier today caused serious injuries to two students and the driver of the bus, when the bus crashed into a tree. According to the Los Angeles Times, the school bus was carrying eleven students at the time of the bus crash and other students sustained what were described as “minor” injuries when the bus hit the tree. Fortunately, according to officials from the local fire department, the critical injuries suffered by the two students do not look like life threatening types of injuries.

According to one student, Solymar Colling, a 14 year old sitting in the bus, the bus kept accelerating and did not slow down before hitting the tree. She said that students in the bus were screaming prior to the bus crash. Another student, who was in a nearby car, said he saw the bus swerving prior to the crash.

The driver of the bus, who has worked for the Orange Unified School District since 2010, who had to be taken out of the bus by the fire department, has not yet been identified. The California Highway Patrol, who are investigating the cause of this bus crash in Anaheim, will be interviewing the driver in the hospital.

From a legal perspective, there are many ramifications when there is a serious accident such as this one. First, the students who were injured will likely need to hire a personal injury lawyer who handles Anaheim accident cases. When a claim is made against a government agency, such as the school district that was most likely responsible for the bus, there are different statute of limitations time limits for making a formal claim than for normal California personal injury cases against non-government entities. There are also different rules when minors are involved, such as in this case.

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