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A brain injury is not just a headache!

According to Reuters, on January 8, 2020, when Iran launched missiles at the military base at al-Asad in Iraq, President Donald Trump originally said “All is well!”  Later, as more and more American troops were diagnosed with concussions, Trump said he “heard that they had headaches and a couple of other things.”

Reuters however is pointing out that according to the troops and their medical personnel, all is not well.  A concussion, which is a traumatic brain injury, is a very serious injury.  Oftentimes however, if people don’t see a broken bone or an open wound, they do not appreciate the severity of the particular injury.  That is one possible explanation for why President Trump negated the severity of the injuries.  There are also other possible reasons, including political reasons.

One soldier even went as far as to say that when the missiles struck, he felt like he got hit by a truck.  Obviously, that is not just a headache.  This soldier suffered a traumatic brain injury and may suffer symptoms for a significant amount of time from this incident.  Furthering the severity of the incident is the fact that there were multiple impacts.  While one brain injury is bad enough, suffering from multiple brain injuries, especially in a short period of time, is particularly harmful to the victim.

We see this come up in our California personal injury law office, as we help clients who suffer traumatic brain injuries of all sorts. One important thing that we look at in these cases is if our client had any other brain injuries in the past.  If so, that will indicate that the present injury may be more severe.  In fact, the more brain injuries one has had, the more susceptible they are to future brain injuries.

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