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5 Tips to Avoid Collisions on Los Angeles Roads in Rainy Conditions

While rain in Southern California is certainly much needed, it also causes wet roads that can make driving more dangerous. Heavy rain decreases visibility on busy roads which, when combined with slick conditions, can lead to more Los Angeles car accidents.

In light of the recent storms, the Los Angeles Daily News recommends 5 things drivers can do to stay safe and avoid a Los Angeles car accident

  1. Slow down and allow more space between drivers—decreased visibility and wet conditions can delay reaction time needed to avoid an accident. Driving slower and giving more space makes it easier for drivers to stop if necessary.
  2. Drive with your lights on—this will help other drivers better see you in storm conditions.
  3. Check your tires—”The better the thread the better the traction.” If your tires are looking bare, it may be time to get new ones to stay safe on wet roads.
  4. Know what to do if your car hydroplanes—One-twelfth of an inch of rain on the road with a speed of more than 45 mph is all you need to start to hydroplane. If your car hydroplanes: Slow down and steer straight. If your car slides out of control to the right, steer to the left. Do not slam on the brakes.
  5. Drive in the middle lanes—In a big storm, more water gathers on the outside lanes than in the middle lanes.

According to the California Highway Patrol, when heavy rain occurs, the number of accidents increase significantly. In fact, during a two-day storm in 2016, accidents on a stretch of Los Angeles freeway increased 570 percent. These accidents caused by wet conditions far too often result in serious personal injuries. Being rear-ended or hit in anyway can cause painful head, back, neck and other injuries.

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Stay dry and safe out there!

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