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Strange Los Angeles Wrongful Death Could be Medical Malpractice

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the negligent care of Dr. Ehab Aly Mohamed, a plastic surgeon, may have led to the wrongful death of one of his patients. The California state medical board has moved to suspend Dr. Mohamed’s license.

In a strange set of circumstances, Dr. Mohamed allegedly misled patients that he had an affiliation with Harvard University and promised a $40,000 discount to a patient in exchange for the patient’s participation in a Harvard study. It appears that no such affiliation or study existed.

It is currently unclear as to what Dr. Mohamed did that led to the wrongful death of his patient, but it can be assumed that the patient’s family will have a Los Angeles wrongful death claim against the Doctor, based on medical malpractice.

It is important to remember that California medical malpractice cases have an entirely different set of rules from other types of California personal injury cases. These rules include a different statute of limitations, which must always be considered by victims of negligence.

Due to the complicated nature of the separate rules and guidelines, it is important for victims of negligence to contact a California personal injury attorney right away, to make sure that their rights are protected.

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