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Speeding Causes Deadly Los Angeles Car Crash—2 Killed, 4 injured

Far too often car accidents are caused by a careless (negligent) driver who was speeding or driving recklessly on the road. This was the case in a recent Los Angeles car accident that resulted in the deaths of two people and left four others seriously injured.

According to ABC 7 News, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to an accident scene in Northridge around 2:00 in the afternoon, after a local resident reported the crash. Two adult men were driving in a custom-built kit car, when the driver lost control. The kit car veered into oncoming traffic and hit a sedan carrying four passengers.

Photos of the scene show both cars completely mangled by the collision. Both the driver and the passenger in the kit car were killed—the passenger died at the scene and the driver later died from his serious injuries sustained in the crash. The driver and three passengers in the sedan were trapped in their car. Emergency personnel pried open the car and rushed all four to the hospital in critical condition.

The initial investigation states speed as the cause of the accident—the resident who saw the crash witnessed the kit car speed by his property just moments before it collided with the sedan. Unfortunately, this street (Parthenia Street) is known for speeding. The local resident stated, “It’s a 45-mph zone but especially at nighttime, this is… a speedway. Cars constantly fly up and down here.”

This tragic incident demonstrates the true dangers of speeding while driving. Excessive speed typically means the accident itself is more severe and the injuries more serious, as seen in this case. When the driver of a car causes an accident because of speeding, that driver is responsible for any wrongful deaths or personal injuries that result from the accident. This includes passengers in his own car, as every driver is also responsible for their own passengers. In a case like this one, where the driver was killed in the incident, wrongful death and personal injury claims will be brought against his estate and his car insurance to provide financial recovery to the victims.

Those involved in this accident should speak to an experienced wrongful death and personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The family members of the passenger in the kit car can bring a wrongful death claim against the driver for the sudden loss of their loved one. The victims in the sedan can bring a personal injury claim to recovery for the costs associated with their injuries. Because their injuries are very serious, this likely means lengthy hospital stays, medical bills, and a long road to full recovery. A personal injury claim can bring an aspect of peace to the victims as they get financial compensation to help cover these substantial costs, allowing their focus to remain on their physical recovery.

No one should have to suffer the tragic consequences of another person’s choice to speed. If you have been in a Los Angeles car collision caused by speeding, or have lost a loved one in a speeding accident, reach out to Walch Law today. We have successfully resolved thousands of car accident wrongful death and personal injury cases and are ready to help you obtain the recovery that you deserve. Contact us at 866-65-8792 for a free consultation.

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