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Southern California Rain Accident Danger

According to the Los Angeles Times, the weather service has reported that there will be rainstorms, as well as snow as low as 3,000 feet, which should last until this Sunday. The weather will likely cause Southern California rain accidents.

As our readers know, rain accidents in California lead to many serious injuries and deaths every year. We wish to remind everyone to be extra safe and cautious when conditions are bad, such as when driving in rain, snow or icy conditions, to prevent a serious car accident injury.

It is further advised that, whenever possible, avoid driving in these conditions all together. Even the best driver cannot always avoid the careless or reckless actions of other drivers, and can be injured in a rain accident in California.

If you or someone you know is injured in a rain accident in Los Angeles, Simi Valley, San Bernardino, Encino, Calabasas or throughout California, call our office for a free consultation.

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