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Sheriff Deputy Injured in Mission Viejo Motorcycle Accident

A Mission Viejo motorcycle accident resulted in minor injuries to a Sheriff Deputy from Orange County. According to the Los Angeles Times, the motorcycle accident in Mission Viejo occurred when the deputy, who was on duty at the time, swerved to try not to collide with a Toyota Camry, which was stopped at a light. The deputy was unable to avoid the Camry and struck the rear of the car.

The impact from the Mission Viejo motorcycle collision caused the deputy to be ejected from the motorcycle. Fortunately, the deputy’s injuries were reported as only minor. He was transported to Mission Hospital where a leg injury was diagnosed and treated. The driver of the Camry did not apparently suffer any injuries.

In this situation, it is not currently known if the driver of the Toyota Camry did anything wrong, or negligent, to cause the motorcycle crash in Mission Viejo. If the driver was negligent, and this negligence caused the motorcycle accident, the deputy would be entitled to make a Mission Viejo personal injury claim against the driver of the Camry.

The personal injury damages would include medical care, including subsequent treatment for the deputy’s leg and any other injuries; his loss of earnings for any time he misses from work as a result of the motorcycle accident; and pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of any life activities.

Anyone involved in a motorcycle accident should contact a California motorcycle accident lawyer immediately. Our motorcycle injury lawyers handle Mission Viejo motorcycle accident claims, as well as motorcycle crash injury claims throughout California. Many witnesses often blame the motorcycle rider for causing the accident; this is why an experienced California motorcycle accident attorney should be hired to protect your rights.

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