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San Bernardino Wrongful Death Victim Identified

On Saturday, February 11, 2017, Cesar Manuel Floriano Ortiz of Highland was killed in a single car crash that allegedly occurred at about 12:45 am, when he was riding as a passenger in the vehicle.  Apparently, Brien Jesus Reyna of San Bernardino was driving the car when the driver lost control and struck a light pole on H Street in San Bernardino, California.

Cesar Manuel Floriano Ortiz of Highland was only 22 years of age.

Brien Jesus Reyna of San Bernardino was only 18 years of age.

Reportedly both the driver and passenger were killed in this tragic San Bernardino car accident.

Allegedly the men were driving eastbound on West Ninth Street at about 12:45 am early on Saturday morning on the 215 Freeway overpass when the driver lost control and struck the light pole located on H Street in San Bernardino.

The San Bernardino Police Department is investigating the incident, and should you have witnessed this fatal traffic collision or have any other information you are requested to contact the San Bernardino Police Department and you may also call our California Wrongful Death Accident law offices at 1-866-INJURY 2  or  1.818.222.3400 or send us an email to

In general, when a passenger is killed in a one vehicle collision, the passenger’s heirs may make a California wrongful death claim against both the registered owner(s) and driver/operator of the vehicle.  If they had insurance, the insurer of the vehicle and driver should provide both a defense and payment (indemnification) for any damages.

Further, if the passenger had uninsured motorist (UM) insurance or underinsured motorist (UIM) insurance coverage, it may provide additional compensation for the heirs of the deceased.

There may be other sources of recovery, so a thorough investigation is advised, starting with review of the San Bernardino Traffic Collision (police) Report, interviewing witnesses and further investigation as facts develop.  For more information about California Wrongful Death claims, please visit our California wrongful death website.

For help and a FREE consultation on any wrongful death accident or serious injury accident, please contact our experienced wrongful death and personal injury lawyers as soon as possible as there are many time and procedural time deadlines and requirements.

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