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Riverside Accident Leaves One Dead and One in Critical Condition

According to My Valley News, an early morning Riverside crash on Mother’s Day left one person dead and another critically injured. A California Highway Patrol (CHP) incident log showed that the driver of a silver sedan lost control of the car and rolled over multiple times. The car eventually landed at the bottom of a ramp. The incident happened on eastbound 91 Freeway near the on ramp for Fourteenth Street in Riverside, California.

Witnesses called 911 and told dispatchers that the sedan was smoking, someone had been thrown out of the car as it rolled, and a second person was still trapped inside the car. When officers arrived, they discovered a destroyed car, the ejected victim, and the second person trapped inside the wreckage. Medical personnel attempted to revive the ejected victim, but the injuries were too severe and unfortunately the person passed away at the scene.

Firefighters used the “Jacks of Life” to remove the person trapped in the sedan. That person was taken to a hospital in critical condition. The CHP is continuing to investigate the cause of the crash. Officers have not yet determined whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident.

When CHP concludes its investigation, if it is found that the driver negligently caused the accident—whether through driving under the influence, texting, etc.—it is likely that the family of the victim can bring a wrongful death lawsuit against either the driver or the estate of the driver.

Before taking any other action, the victim’s family should first meet with an experienced California wrongful death attorney to get advice on their right to pursue compensation for the death of their loved one.

Our wrongful death attorneys know how to handle all aspects of a car accident wrongful death claim and know how to get the maximum financial recovery for the heirs of the victim or victims.  We offer a free consultation on any injury or wrongful death case and we take great pride in helping those who are in need.


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