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Red Light Cameras Allegedly Cause Los Angeles Rear End Accidents

The Los Angeles Police Commission has voted to end the controversial red light camera program, for many reasons, possibly including the claim that they contribute to Los Angeles rear end car accidents. Police officials had proposed to renew the program for an additional three or four years, but the police commission has doubts as to the usefulness of the program.

According to the Los Angeles Times, there are 32 red light cameras posted throughout Los Angeles. Critics argue that the cameras actually increase Los Angeles car accident injuries, are not cost effective and do not make the public any safer. One of the reasons the cameras are not cost effective is because the Los Angeles Courts are not actively seeking out payment on the tickets, with the LAPD instead sending the $400 tickets to a collection agency.

One of the many problems with this practice is that under normal circumstances, the accused can confront the police officer in court and the judge can decide who to believe. With this program, the only evidence is some pictures, which may be taken out of context. One particular type of instance is when a person stops, then makes a right turn on a red light, which can lead to a red light camera ticket.

Other critics have argued that the red light cameras actually lead to some Los Angeles rear end car accidents as cars may make a sudden stop when they see the camera, even though it might be safe and legal to enter the intersection on a yellow light. Rear end accidents can cause serious injuries including back injuries, neck injuries, knee injuries, and head and brain injuries.

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