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Porsche Totaled in Huntington Beach Car Accident With City Truck

A Huntington Beach car accident has resulted in a government claim for payment made on behalf of a man who had his Porsche totaled by a city truck. The claim is being made by the man’s insurance company, Mercury Insurance Group, against the city for the value of the vehicle.

The likely reason why the insurance company is making the claim would be that the insurance probably already reimbursed the man for his damages, and now is seeking subrogation from the responsible party, the city of Huntington Beach.

In the car accident in Huntington Beach, the city truck allegedly ran a red light, which was confirmed by a witness, and collided with the Porsche, rendering it a total loss. Even though the police report placed the city vehicle at fault, the driver of the city vehicle said that he had a green light.

Our office is currently handling a case against the city of Los Angeles for a client who was also hit by a city truck, in a disputed red light case. Even though there is a witness saying that the driver of the city truck, and not our client, ran the red light, the city driver is claiming, like in this case, that he had a green light at the time he entered the intersection.

Unfortunately, many people are not truthful when describing how a car accident happened to the police or when reporting a claim to their insurance company. For this reason, if you are involved in an accident, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles who can investigate the claim and prove who is fault so that you can get the recovery you deserve. Our office has been handling California accident injury claims for over 30 years, including government claims (which have many different rules from other types of claims). If you or a loved one are injured, call us now: 1-866-INJURY-2 [1-866-465-8792].

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