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Police Officer Injured in Glendale Motorcycle Accident

This morning, a Glendale police officer was injured in a Glendale motorcycle accident. According to the Los Angeles Times, the motorcycle officer was apparently hit by a Mercedes that was coming out of a driveway.

Matt Bolton is the Glendale police officer who was hit by the car. Officer Bolton sustained motorcycle accident injuries, but the extent of those injuries is currently unknown.

The Glendale motorcycle accident happened on West Lexington Drive and a photo of the scene of the motorcycle collision in Glendale can be seen here, courtesy of the L.A. Times. The photo shows a smashed police motorcycle and a white Mercedes that appears to have front end damage.

Investigators will have to determine the cause of the Glendale motorcycle crash to see if the police officer will be able to make a Glendale personal injury claim against the driver of the Mercedes. This motorcycle injury claim would include damages for medical bills, loss of earnings, pain, suffering and other damages, which would be proved by a Glendale motorcycle accident lawyer.

The Glendale personal injury lawyer should help the injured officer obtain all of the medical care he needs to fully recover from his motorcycle crash injuries.

Gary K. Walch, A Law Corporation, has handled Glendale accident claims, as well as motorcycle accident injury cases throughout California.

Motorcycle accident injuries are often particularly serious and we wish a speedy recovery for the officer.

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