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One Killed in Los Angeles Car Accident

One alleged robbery suspect was apparently killed this morning in a freeway accident in Los Angeles. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles freeway accident occurred after police received a call about a robbery at a 7-11 convenient store. Officers saw a vehicle which they said was driving recklessly, and a high speed chase occurred.

During the chase, the suspects’ vehicle crashed into another vehicle on the northbound 5 freeway, at the interchange with the 110 freeway. After the crash, the suspects’ vehicle flipped over, trapping the three suspects inside. One of the suspects in the robbery died as a result of his injuries from the Los Angeles car accident. One other suspect had to be hospitalized for his car accident injuries, while the third was taken into police custody.

There were no immediate reports about injuries to the occupants of the vehicle that was struck by the suspects’ car. Based on the lack of information, it is assumed that there were no serious injuries in that vehicle.

Los Angeles high speed chase accidents are a subject we have blogged about in the past. We have seen too many incidences where innocent bystanders, including pedestrians or occupants of other vehicles, are injured or killed by a fleeing a suspect in a high speed chase. Unfortunately, these situations present a very risky set of circumstances for police; do they pursue a criminal or call off the pursuit if it becomes too dangerous for the public. One approach that we have advocated, in the case of non-violent criminals, is for police to back off of the pursuit, follow overhead with helicopters, then for the police to move in when the suspect vehicle eventually stops. We feel that the risk to the public would be minimized and, at worst, a non-violent criminal may escape.

If you or anyone you know is injured in a Los Angeles freeway accident, or if a loved one is killed in a Los Angeles wrongful death accident, we offer free consultations with experienced Los Angeles personal injury and wrongful death lawyers.

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