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Los Angeles Big Rig Truck Accident Causes Injury

A truck driver was injured earlier today when his big rig truck fell from the 118 freeway overpass onto the 5 freeway. From photos of the incident, provided by the Los Angeles Daily News, the big rig truck appears to be blocking all lanes of the northbound 5 freeway. Fortunately, the driver of the truck was not trapped in the vehicle.

The driver of the big rig truck in the Los Angeles truck accident was taken to the hospital to receive medical care for his truck accident injuries. Amazingly, given the nature of this incident, it is surprising that there are no other injuries reported from the truck crash in Los Angeles.

So far, the cause of the Los Angeles truck accident has not yet been disclosed and may not be known. It is very possible that the rainy conditions throughout Southern California, which began yesterday, contributed to causing the wreck.

At the very least, the driver of the truck should have a Los Angeles workers compensation claim for the injuries he suffered while on the job. Workers compensation law helps cover injured employees who are hurt while working. The laws differ immensely from workers compensation to personal injury law. For this reason, it is important that anyone who is injured while on the job, contact an experienced workers compensation lawyer.

Sometimes a person who is injured on the job has a workers compensation and personal injury case. For example, if this truck driver was rear ended by another vehicle, sending him out of control and over the overpass, the driver would be able to make a personal injury case against the driver who rear ended him. He would also have a workers compensation case because he was injured on the job. If he makes both claims, the workers compensation would have a lien against the proceeds from the personal injury case.

These are all issues that should be discussed with an experienced personal injury lawyer and we always invite anyone who is injured to call our office for a free consultation.

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