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Inspections Ordered To Prevent Future California Gas Explosion Injuries

After the fatal explosion and fire in San Bruno, California, regulators have ordered that natural gas lines receive intensified inspections. The September 9, 2010 explosion and fire killed eight people and destroyed numerous homes. It remains to be seen if these California fire deaths and injuries may have been preventable and the goal is to prevent future disasters.

Federal investigators have found that seam wields in the Pacific Gas & Electric line may have been the cause of the Northern California explosion and fire injuries, property damage and deaths, although the official cause has yet to be determined. According to the Los Angeles Times, “The directive calls for internal, X-ray or liquid pressure tests on lines not previously examined that are similar in size and age to the pipeline that blew. That line was 30-inches in diameter and more than half a century old.” According to PG & E, gas service to customers should not be affected by the order.

We support any effort to make California natural gas lines safer so that a disaster like this will not occur again. For those who suffer burn injuries or other related injuries from an explosion or fire, they need a California personal injury attorney who knows the law and will fight to get them the medical care they need and the compensation they deserve for their injuries and the effect on their lives.

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