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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is fast approaching – October 31, 2011 — and the last thing any of us want is for our children to have an injury accident. Having a child injured any day of the year is horrific and the last thing any of us want is for a child to be injured on a holiday or special day, such as Halloween.

Accidents on holidays or specials days like birthdays, anniversaries, the Fourth of July, Christmas or Halloween tend to always be remembered by the injured child or family, possibly ruining the enjoyment of these special days for years to come.

Thus, we all want a very happy and safe Halloween for our friends and family. Using common sense, good judgment and the following safety tips should help make Halloween a special enjoyable day for kids and parents alike:

* Never enter a stranger’s house or apartment.
* When crossing the street, cross at corners in marked crosswalks and wherever safe and appropriate.
* Do not cross streets between parked cars.
* Try to wear light colored costumes or have a flashlight so drivers of vehicles will see you.
* Be sure an adult or responsible older child accompanies children 12 and under.
* Plan the route your children will follow.
* Instruct your children to follow the planned route and only go to familiar areas along the planned route.
* Do not go to unlit houses or apartment buildings.
* Watch for unfamiliar dogs – dog bites and attacks are more likely due to the costumes and excitement of Halloween!
* Walk, do not run, between homes.
* Do not cross front lawns and yards, especially when dark, as you might trip in holes or on objects.
* All treats should be taken home for inspection by parents before consumption.
* Throw away any and all doubtful “treats”.
* Vandalism is NOT cool!
* When driving be especially careful — watch for small excited children by driveways and streets, those wearing dark costumes and children darting out between parked vehicles.
* Report any criminal or suspicious activity to 911.

Using these simple Halloween tips and common sense should help make your Halloween safe and fun!

Should an unfortunate accident with injury occur, get needed medical care, take photos, obtain the identity of witnesses, make a police report and feel free to contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers for a free consultation.

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