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Family of Three Injured at Riverside Amusement Park

A family of three recently suffered personal injuries while on a ride at a Southern California amusement park. The family was on the log ride, a ride involving water, at Castle Park in Riverside when the accident occurred. According to USA Today, the ride malfunctioned and the family—mother, father, and child—were ejected from the ride.

The initial investigation shows that a pump that controls the water level on the ride was not functioning at the time the family was riding. On the final descent of the ride, the log-shaped car they were riding in failed to slow down because there was not enough water at the bottom. As a result the car “hit the bottom of a water slide, flipped over and ejected the three from the vessel.”

The mother was critically injured, and her husband and child suffered minor injuries in the accident. The family was taken to a local hospital to be treated for their injuries. Castle Park said the log ride will remain closed while the park and state officials conducted an investigation into what caused the malfunction.

Amusement Park Ride Injuries

Although amusement parks are meant to be fun, there is also a lot of potential for injury causing accidents. If you have been injured what at an amusement park or while riding a ride, there are several different legal claims that can possibly be made to help you be compensated for your injuries. One such claim is negligence.

Negligence claims often occur when the injury has occurred due to inattention or carelessness on the part of the theme park or an employee of the park. This could occur if a ride operator is not following safety guidelines, a maintenance worker is not conducting proper upkeep of the ride, a park is not inspecting their rides, or employees not instructing riders on the rules of the ride. In this case, if the park failed to maintain the log ride through regular checks, it could amount to negligence.

If the park is found to be negligent, the park would be responsible for covering the costs of the victim’s injuries. Those injured can bring a personal injury claim against the park for financial recovery for their injuries and other damages that may result from the injury including rehabilitation costs or loss of earnings. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to reach out to an experienced amusement park personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

California is full of amusement parks that are fun to visit, but can also be dangerous. At Walch Law, we can help you with your amusement park personal injury claim. Our California personal injury attorneys provide free legal consultations for victims of amusement park injuries, including ride injuries. We have handled thousands of injury claims, including accident cases resulting from negligence or other danger actions and premise conditions throughout Southern California. If you or anyone you care about suffer an injury due to an amusement park ride or premises liability accident while at the park, contact Walch Law so we can help you get the financial recovery you deserve. Contact us today at 866-INJURY2 [866-465-8792] for a free consultation.

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