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Elderly Woman In Lexus Killed In Collision With Bruce Jenner on PCH in Malibu On February 7, 2015

Additional information has been learned in follow-up to our blog post of February 6, 2015, titled “Celebrity Bruce Jenner Involved In Fatal Malibu Car Accident”, about the tragic four (4) car traffic accident on PCH in Malibu resulting in multiple injuries and one wrongful death.  Los Angeles County Sheriff Sgt. Philip Brooks told the Los Angeles Times a Prius driving north on PCH in Malibu either slowed down or stopped and was rear ended by an elderly lady in a Lexus.  Bruce Jenner, in a black Cadillac Escalade SUV, while pulling another vehicle, then allegedly rear-ended the Lexus.  This caused the Lexus to propell into the southbound lanes of oncoming traffic, where it was struck by a Hummer.

As a result of this impact or series of impacts the lady driving the Lexus died at the scene of these collisions.  Authorities declined to identify the lady driving the Lexus who was so tragically killed in this accident.  The Lexus reportedly sustained major damage to both its rear and front ends.

It also was reported that Bruce Jenner was given a field sobriety test which he passed and also took a blood alcohol test with unknown results at the time of publication of the Times article.

In such multiple car collisions liability may be shared among various parties.  For example, in this incident, the reason for the Toyota Prius either slowing or stopping will need to be reviewed to see if any vehicle code was violated or if it constituted any unsafe, dangerous or negligent conduct by the driver of the Toyota Prius or anyone else.

Next, the lady driving the Lexus reportedly rear ended the Prius, so there will be issues regarding driving at a safe distance, speed, inattention and other factors to consider.

Regarding Bruce Jenner, there will be the same issues to consider:  driving at a safe distance, speed, inattention and other factors.

Also, the investigation will look into the actions of the driver of the Hummer, who was driving south on PCH, to determine whether he contributed to causing the collision, such as whether he was traveling too fast for conditions, inattention (such as using a mobile cell device while driving), and was unable to take reasonable evasive actions that might have been taken to prevent this incident or lessen its severity.

The point is that there may be multiple causes with shared responsibility that will most likely be investigated due to the fact that a death resulted with a wrongful death claim and multiple other injuries with the involvement of celebrity Bruce Jenner, who has been very much in the news lately, especially because he reportedly has been undergoing a sex change from a male to female.  There obviously will be questions whether this procedure and/or the paparazzi who may have been following him or chasing him contributed to this incident.

Finally, investigators will be checking with the media to see if any video footage was taken of the incident.  Video footage could explain many of the factors that are presently unknown to the public.

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