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Driver Injured in Granada Hills Accident

Earlier today, an SUV struck a house in Granada Hills, California. According to the Daily News, the driver of the SUV was injured in the Granada Hills accident, but fortunately there were no injuries to anyone inside of the house. The cause of this car accident has not yet been revealed.

In a situation like this, with a car crashing into a house, it will first have to be determined what caused the car to lose control and strike the house. Was the driver struck by another car, causing him to veer into the house, or did he just lose control due to some other factor, such as driving while intoxicated?

The Granada Hills car accident occurred on Minnehaha Street, at about ten o’clock this morning. The driver had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. 

If the driver caused the accident, which is very likely, he will be responsible for the property damage to the house, which appears to be significantly damaged from the images provided by the Daily News. If the driver does not have sufficient coverage, the homeowner may have to use homeowner’s insurance to cover the damage, if there is applicable coverage for this type of incident.

It has not yet been determined if the house will be safe to occupy. Hopefully the house can be repaired safely so the family can move back in. Other monetary damages suffered by this family could be the loss of use of the house for a significant period of time, while repairs are made to the structure. If the driver caused the accident, these are damages he will be responsible to pay. As long as he has enough insurance coverage, those damages should get covered by the driver’s car insurance coverage.

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