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Driver in Diamond Bar DUI that Killed Six Sentenced to 30 to Life

On February 9, 2014, 26-year-old Olivia Culbreath from Fontana, drove against oncoming traffic causing a horrific California drunk driving collision that killed six people.

According to ABC 7 News, Culbreath had been previously drinking before entering the freeway and driving her Camaro the wrong way at “speeds of up to 100 miles per hour in the early morning.” Her car slammed into a Ford explorer, and ultimately caused a three-car pileup. Four people in the explorer, all from the same family, were killed. Two passengers in Culbreath’s car were also killed, one of the victims being her sister.

Three hours after the accident her blood alcohol level was still .15%, nearly double the legal limit in California of .08%. Apparently, Culbreath had previously been arrested for a DUI and was warned by the court on that occasion about the dangers of driving under the influence. In May, she was convicted after pleading no contest to six counts of second-degree murder. This past week, the Judge sentenced her to thirty years to life for her actions that caused this terrible tragedy.

Wrongful death accidents caused by drivers driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs are always tragic and so unnecessary. One poor choice to drive while under the influence can instantly change a family’s life forever when an accident occurs. In a situation where a driver is criminally charged for DUI, the driver can still be civilly liable to the families of those who were killed by the driver’s decision to drive while intoxicated. In this case, the families of the victims would have a wrongful death claim against the driver.

A California wrongful death claim is brought by the family members in behalf of the victims. If you are facing a similar situation and have lost someone you love due to another’s careless choice to drive while intoxicated, it is important to speak with a California wrongful death attorney. The attorney can assist with the investigation of the accident and with proving the amount of wrongful death damages suffered by you and your family.

At Walch Law, our California wrongful death attorneys are experienced in pursuing wrongful death claims that result from DUI and other car accidents in California, including in Diamond Bar. We are here to help families of wrongful death victims obtain the comfort and advice they need and the financial recovery and money damages they deserve. Financial recovery obtained through a wrongful death claim can help families cover unexpected hospital bills, funeral and burial expenses, and even lost earnings. We can also assist in financial recovery for property damage, like the damaged cars in this case. We offer a free consultation to individuals and families facing these difficult circumstances, which can be scheduled by calling 866-465-8792.

We urge people to use extra caution while on Southern California roads during this holiday season. Drunk driving incidents typically increase during the holidays, so make sure to stay safe and take necessary steps, such as using a ride share app to get home after a night out, to prevent future California drunk driving accidents and arrests.

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