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Driver Charged After Los Angeles Crash, Killing Passenger

Luicci Nader, a Huntington Beach resident, has been charged with vehicular manslaughter, a felony, after a Los Angeles car accident death. Nader was allegedly speeding in his 2008 Ferrari F-430 Spider, on Coast Highway, on December 24, 2010, when he lost control of his vehicle, careening to the opposite side of the road, and colliding head on with a tow truck.

Nader’s Ferrari split into two as a result of this car accident in Los Angeles and Nader’s cousin, Ralph Abinader, who was sitting in the passenger seat, died as a result of the car accident. Abinader was 24 years old.

Nader is being charged with the felony because he was allegedly driving with gross negligence.

Besides the felony count, Nader will also face a possible Los Angeles wrongful death claim against him, for the death of his passenger. A driver of a vehicle that causes an accident is not only responsible for occupants of the other vehicle, but is responsible for his/her passenger’s safety as well. The claim should be made with the driver’s insurance company, barring any exceptions in the insurance policy, which sometimes exist for people such as live-in family members.

Depending on the amount of coverage Mr. Nader has, he may be subject to an excess judgment against his personal assets, due to the severity of the harm he has allegedly caused. Mr. Abinader’s heirs will likely need to hire an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to help get them the recovery for the wrongful death damages.

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