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Authorities reported that Derrianna Daniels, age 22, was injured when her bicycle was struck by a car driven by Laura Boyd on March 19, 2001, in Hesperia California.   The injuries to Derrianna Daniels were so severe she reportedly was flown to the hospital by paramedics for medical care and hospitalized.

It also was reported that while Ms. Daniels was riding her bicycle, the other driver, Ms. Boyd, allegedly failed to stop for her stop sign and crashed into the bicycle operated by Ms. Daniels.

It is believed that Ms. Boyd was driving her car westbound on Olive Street towards its intersection with E Avenue in Hesperia when Ms. Daniels was northbound on E Avenue.

The Sheriff is investigating the facts of this bicycle accident, and witnesses are requested to contact Deputy Sheriff S. Lopiccolo of the Hesperia Sheriff’s Station at 1.760.947.1500.

Regarding liability, there are many other factors to consider besides the alleged blown stop sign by the driver of the car, including speed of both the driver and the bicyclist, obeying all state and local rules of the road including exactly where the bicyclist was at the time of impact (such as on which side of the road, whether on the sidewalk and which direction of travel, that is with or against traffic, etc.), distracted driving (e.g., was any driver using a mobile device to text or talk), etc.

In cases like this, the driver of the car, if insured, will turn this matter over to her insurance company where an insurance adjuster will conduct an initial investigation, including the adjuster himself or herself may go into the field to view and photograph the scene of the incident and attempt to gather statements from the insured, Ms. Boyd, the injured party, Ms. Daniels, and any witnesses to the collision and also any witnesses or persons with knowledge of the subsequent medical care obtain by Ms. Daniels and activities of Ms. Daniels.

The adjuster or investigator may also obtain and review the data from any data recorder in the Boyd vehicle and look for any videos or other depictions of the incident from nearby businesses and residences and also any videos from the Boyd vehicle or on the Daniel’s bicycle or from other vehicles and witnesses (as almost everyone these days has a mobile phone with video capabilities).

If Ms. Daniels has an experienced personal injury lawyer, one with experience with bicycle injury cases, her attorney will first advise her NOT to give any statements to anyone and if any statements are later permitted her attorney will be present to properly represent Ms. Daniels, including to properly prepare her and also to object to any improper questions.

Our bicycle accident law firm has recovered millions of dollars for clients injured when riding bicycles, often when the other party contends our client was at fault or partially at fault for various reasons, including unlawfully riding on the sidewalk, riding in the wrong direction on the sidewalk (that is, against traffic), riding on the wrong direction on the street, riding while possibly under the influence of marijuana or other drugs or alcohol, and for not obeying the rules of the road.  We have been very successful in proving liability and winning big settlements for our bicycle riding clients who were injured in bicycle vs. car and bicycle vs. truck accidents.

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