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David Beckham Accused of Speeding in Los Angeles Rear End Car Accident

International soccer star, David Beckham, who currently plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team, has been accused of driving recklessly and speeding when he rear ended a stopped car in Los Angeles, California. The rear end car accident occurred on the 405 freeway, also known as the San Diego freeway.

The driver of the vehicle rear ended in Los Angeles by Beckham’s Cadillac was taken to a local hospital, while Beckham, and his son Brooklyn, 12 years old, who was a passenger with Beckham, did not report any injuries. The extent of the injuries to the rear ended driver is not currently known.

According to British tabloid, The Sun, witnesses are said to have told police that Beckham was speeding, driving recklessly and speeding in and out of lanes in his Cadillac before causing the car accident in Los Angeles. While it does not appear that Beckham has been charged with any crime, the Traffic Collision Report (also known as the Police Report) should indicate if Beckham was cited for any violations of the law.

The injured party will likely make a Los Angeles personal injury claim against Beckham’s insurance for the injuries and damages that were allegedly caused by Beckham. Most likely, Beckham’s insurance company will also have to reimburse the other driver for the damage to the vehicle, or pay the fair market value for the vehicle if it is a total loss. Other damages that the injured person may be entitled to will be for reimbursement of medical expenses, including treatment for injuries including possible back injury and/or neck injury, which are common in rear end accidents, any loss of earnings or earning capacity, loss of use of vehicle and/or rental car charges, and damages for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of any life activities.

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