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Sadly, a sixth child has passed away from the tragic bus accident in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The bus crash occurred on Monday when the students were being driven home from school. According to, the driver of the bus, Johnthony Walker, went off the road and collided head on with a tree and turned over.

Surprisingly, blood tests on the driver did not find any drugs or alcohol in his system. In addition to the six children who were killed, another 12 suffered significant injuries, including serious head injuries and spinal injuries. Six of those 12 students are still hospitalized.

Apparently the bus was not on the regularly scheduled path and the driver was speeding. There are also reports that the bus driver asked the students if they were ready to die before the crash. This indicates that the bus driver may have intentionally caused this horrible crash.

Our sincerest condolences go out to the families of the young victims who were killed in this crash and we wish a fast recovery to those who suffered injuries.

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Elias Vides, the well liked owner, operator and driver of the tour bus that crashed into the rear of a big rig truck on Sunday, October 23, 2016, killing 13 people, including himself, and injuring 31, not surprisingly to our team of lawyers had many prior safety violations, traffic tickets and lawsuits filed against him for prior bus versus car accidents alleging deaths and injuries.

According to data obtained from the federal government, the bus drove 68,780 miles in 2015 and the company had been in business for five years.  Statistics show that the more miles and time one drives, clearly the more likelihood of accidents, collisions and traffic violations.

As previously reported in our blogs, the tour bus was traveling back from the Red Earth Casino in Thermal, near Salton Sea, on the I10 Freeway towards the intersection of Vermont Avenue and Olympic Boulevard located in the Koreatown community of Los Angeles, California, when it violently rear ended the big rig truck in front of it.

Thirteen people died and will have California wrongful death claims, including driver Vides (age 59) and 13 passengers.  31 people were injured, including the driver of the big rig truck, identified as Bruce Guilford, age 50, a resident of Covington, Georgia, that was rear ended by the tour bus.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Vides had been sued at least twice for negligence after collisions between his bus and other vehicles.  One of these collisions allegedly resulted in the deaths of three (3) persons in another vehicle.

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The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced that it had launched an investigation into the horrific tour bus accident which killed 13 and injured at least 31 others this past Sunday morning, October 23, 1016, at approximately 5:17 a.m. in Desert Hot Springs, California.

The NTSB has sent a “Go To Team” to Desert Hot Springs to investigate the causes of this collision.  For more information about the NTSB, simply click here.

The tour bus, allegedly owned and operated by USA Holiday, was returning from the Red Earth Casino in Thermal near the Salton Sea,  traveling westbound on the I10 Freeway, with its destination in Los Angeles, in the Koreatown area, at the intersection of Olympic Boulevard and Vermont Avenue.  Many of its passengers were asleep when the tour bus allegedly rammed into and crashed into the rear of a big rig truck.  Apparently the tour bus was traveling so fast and the impact was so violent that one-third of the bus was crushed.

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A tragic bus accident in Palm Springs this morning caused the deaths of 14 people and left over 30 people with injuries.  The Palm Springs bus accident occurred at about five o’clock in the morning on Interstate 10, near Indian Canyon Road.

According to LAIST.COM, the tour bus slammed into the rear of a big rig truck, which crushed the front end of the bus.  Of the 31 injured people, five are reported to be in critical condition.

Investigators have not yet determined the cause of the crash, but based on photos of the scene, it appears the bus was traveling at a high speed when it struck the big rig truck.  Most likely the bus driver and bus company, USA Holiday, will be found responsible for the crash and will have to pay for the wrongful death and injury claims.  If the big rig truck driver did anything negligent to cause the crash, the truck company may also have to pay extensive damages.

Our California personal injury lawyers handle bus accident injury and wrongful death claims throughout the state of California.  Recently, attorney Robert Walch went to arbitration on a Northern California bus accident case and won over $350,000 for his injured client.  That client sustained arm injuries and scarring from broken glass from the bus.

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An Antelope Valley Transportation Authority bus collided with a pickup truck Monday, causing critical, but apparently not fatal, injuries to the driver of the truck. According to the Lancaster Sheriff’s Department, the driver of the pickup truck did not stop at a stop sign, which led to this Lancaster bus accident.

The Antelope Valley Times is reporting that three occupants of the bus had to be taken to the hospital for their injuries and the rest of the occupants did not need immediate hospital care. It does not appear that anyone on the bus suffered serious injuries in this bus crash.

The bus accident occurred on Avenue K and 70th Street East in Lancaster, California. Investigators with the Sheriff’s Department will have to determine if the driver of the bus did anything to contribute to causing this accident. As our personal injury law firm handles many accident injury cases in Lancaster, we know that often times vehicles are speeding on Avenue K in this area. The Sheriff’s Department also reported that it does not appear that alcohol or drugs played a part in the collision.

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A Riverside bus accident today, involving a big rig truck and other vehicles, has resulted in the deaths of four bus passengers. The bus was operated by El Paso-Los Angeles Limousine Express Inc. In addition to the bus accident wrongful death victims, the 30 other people on the bus were taken to local hospitals for their bus accident injuries. According to the LA Times, the accident occurred early this morning on Interstate 10 in Riverside, California.

It appears that this chain reaction bus accident in Riverside may have been initiated by a big rig truck that lost control on the freeway, hitting the center divider and spilling the pipes that it was carrying. Eventually, the bus, on the other side of the freeway, crashed and rolled off of the freeway.

Whenever there is a big rig truck accident in the early hours of the morning, there is always a possible issue as to whether the truck driver was taking appropriate rest stops and had slept enough prior the collision. This information should be obtainable by a California truck accident lawyer, including through depositions, subpoenas and written discovery. Fortunately, big rig trucks normally are covered by a commercial insurance policy, which we hope will have enough coverage for the wrongful death damages and to cover the injuries suffered by the other passengers.

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An Anaheim school bus accident earlier today caused serious injuries to two students and the driver of the bus, when the bus crashed into a tree. According to the Los Angeles Times, the school bus was carrying eleven students at the time of the bus crash and other students sustained what were described as “minor” injuries when the bus hit the tree. Fortunately, according to officials from the local fire department, the critical injuries suffered by the two students do not look like life threatening types of injuries.

According to one student, Solymar Colling, a 14 year old sitting in the bus, the bus kept accelerating and did not slow down before hitting the tree. She said that students in the bus were screaming prior to the bus crash. Another student, who was in a nearby car, said he saw the bus swerving prior to the crash.

The driver of the bus, who has worked for the Orange Unified School District since 2010, who had to be taken out of the bus by the fire department, has not yet been identified. The California Highway Patrol, who are investigating the cause of this bus crash in Anaheim, will be interviewing the driver in the hospital.

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CNN is reporting that a total of 10 people have passed away due to the Fed-Ex big rig truck crash with the bus in Orland, California yesterday. The fatalities from the Northern California bus crash include the drivers of both the FedEx truck and the bus that was carrying students to visit Humboldt State University.

In addition to the drivers, five high school students were killed in this tragic accident, as well as three people who were chaperones for the students. Reports indicate that the students were in a program designed for disadvantaged high school students, from families with low incomes or would be first generation college attendees. Some of the students on the bus were from the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The California Highway Patrol has not yet determined what caused the Fed-Ex big rig truck to cross over the highway median on I-5 and crash head on into the passenger bus. In addition to the fatalities from this California bus crash, over 30 people were taken to hospitals with truck crash injuries.

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A tragic California bus accident today, in which a bus was struck by a Fed-Ex big rig truck, has resulted in at least nine deaths and numerous injuries. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Northern California bus crash occurred when the FedEx truck, traveling southbound, crossed into the opposite direction of Interstate 5, when it crashed into the bus. The bus may have been carrying Los Angeles school students who were in Northern California to visit Humboldt State University, during spring break.

After this terrible bus accident, the bus caught on fire and ended up completely burnt out. It is not clear if the students who were injured escaped the bus before the fire, or if they suffered fire, burn and smoke inhalation injuries as well.
Whether the students on the bus were in fact from Los Angeles has not yet been confirmed. Initial reports suggest that they are high school seniors from a school in South Los Angeles. Our hearts go out to the injured students and the families of the injured and deceased.

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The Thursday morning California tour bus accident on the 210 Freeway, just past the 605 Freeway interchange, allegedly occurred when the bus driver braked hard then swerved across lanes, ending up on its side. The bus had picked up its passengers in Monterey Park and San Gabriel and was going to San Manual Indian Bingo and Casino in Highland when this California bus accident occurred.

Reportedly over 50 passengers were hurt, some with injuries described as moderate. Such injuries typically are not accurately described and often are much more serious and painful to the victims than the investigating police officers state.

A truck driver, Jeff Lewis, who apparently witnessed this bus accident, was reported by the Los Angeles Times to have stated that elderly people ended up stuck on top of each other. He estimated that the bus was going approximately 70 miles per hour before the crash.

As a result of this accident, with so many injured, multiple ambulances and other emergency personnel arrived. A triage was set-up, with a helicopter landing area. As a result, the 210 Freeway was closed with traffic clogged for many hours.

Although the injuries were stated to be minor to moderate, seven passengers hurt in this bus crash were airlifted to hospitals. That does not sound like minor injuries, especially with the high cost for such emergency helicopter air medical service.

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