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Can I bring a Los Angeles Personal Injury Claim for my Burn Injuries?

Can I bring a Los Angeles Personal Injury Claim for my Burn Injuries?

Can I bring a Los Angeles Personal Injury Claim for my Burn Injuries?

Although we certainly hope no one has to experience a burn injury, burn injuries can and do occur. Whether the injury occurs at home or at work, burn injuries can be very serious and painful and require extensive medical treatment.

If you have suffered a burn injury, it is possible that the injury caused more than just physical damage in your life. Chances are your burn injuries resulted in expensive medical care—many burn victims have to be treated at specialized burn care treatment centers. You also may have had to miss work to recover from your injuries. You may even be struggling from the trauma associated with a burn accident and emotion pain if the injury caused permanent scaring or disfigurement. All of these damages can take a huge toll on your life. If you have suffered a burn injury due to the fault of another, you can bring a Los Angeles personal injury claim to recover financially for these types of damages (and others) caused as a result of your burn injury.

Bringing a Los Angeles Burn Injury Claim

When a person suffers a burn injury, the person or company responsible for the burn is liable to the burn victim. Burn accidents can occur in a variety of ways, and how and where they occur is important to your claim. For example, a burn could be caused by negligence of a person or company or by a defective product. A burn injury could occur while on another person’s property as well. Depending on how or where the burn occurred, you may bring a personal injury claim based on negligence, product defects, or premise liability.

What your burn injury claim is based on makes a difference in how you bring your claim and what you have to prove. Because this can be quite complicated, it is best to speak with a skilled Los Angeles burn injury attorney who can help you with your claim. For example:

  • If your burn claim is based on negligence, you have to show that the person you are bringing the claim against had a duty not to harm you, they breached that duty, and that action caused your burn.
  • However, when it comes to products liability you have to show the company made or sold a defective product that caused you harm.
  • And when a burn occurs on another person’s property, a premise liability claim can hold a person liable if you show they did not keep their property safe or warn you of dangers on their property.

Talk to a Burn Injury Attorney

If you have suffered burn injuries in an accident caused by another person or on another person’s property, you deserve to be compensated for the damages that burn has caused in your life. Don’t let trying to figure out exactly what to base your claim on deter you from getting that compensation. Talk to an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney at Walch Law today to see how we can help with your claim. We offer a free case consultation so call us at 866-465-8792 to schedule yours!



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