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Camarillo Car Accident Kills Passenger

A female passenger in a car making a left turn was killed in a Camarillo car accident on Monday. The victim, Antje Curphey, a 69 year old Fillmore resident, died from her injuries from the crash. The Camarillo crash happened at around 6:30pm when Richena Curphey, the victim’s daughter, allegedly made a left turn onto Carmen Drive, when it was struck by a truck crossing through the intersection.

The truck struck the passenger side of the victim’s Honda, leading to a direct impact where Antje Curphey was seated. The crash caused the truck to flip over and land on its roof. Both drivers were taken to hospitals, but their injuries were described as non-life threatening. The Camarillo Police Department is currently investigating what caused this Camarillo truck accident. If the truck driver bears any responsibility for the crash, the victim’s family may seek Camarillo wrongful death damages. The Camarillo Acorn reports that police do not expect that alcohol or drugs played a part in causing the Camarillo accident.

Left turn accidents occur all the time throughout Ventura County and the greater Los Angeles area. Usually, there is a presumption that the vehicle making the left turn is at fault for causing the crash. However, there are instances when the driver going straight is at fault or shares liability. Sometimes, the driver going straight is speeding or runs a red light, causing the collision. However, if a person attempting to make a left turn suspects that an oncoming vehicle is speeding or may run the red light, it is best to wait for the vehicle to pass and for the intersection to be clear before attempting the turn.

If you are ever in an intersection collision, including involving a left turn, it is always important to obtain information from any witnesses. If you are not at fault for the collision, you should always contact the police and make sure they make a police report. If you know of a favorable witness, make sure the police have that person’s information, so it can go into the report. Through the use of witness statements, pictures, police reports, and other investigation, our office has successfully handled countless intersection and left turn accident injury cases, even when the police report has blamed our client. If you are involved in a Camarillo intersection accident or injured in any accident in Ventura County or Los Angeles County, call our office at 818-222-3400.

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