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Beverly Hills Condo Fire Results in Death of Elderly Man

Recently, a condo caught fire in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood of Beverly Hills. The resident, an elderly man, 91-years-old, was unable to escape the fire. According to CBS Los Angeles News, the fire was reported around 9:52 a.m. The Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to the scene and discovered the victim inside.

The elderly man was immediately rushed to the hospital in critical condition because of his fire-caused injuries. Sadly, his injuries were too severe, and he passed away at the hospital. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire within 15 minutes and prevented it from spreading to other homes and causing other injuries.

The fire department is now investigating what caused this Beverly Hills house fire. One thing they immediately noticed was that the condo had a lack of working smoke alarms, which may have contributed to the victim being unaware of the fire until it was too late. The LAFD Captain commented that “the fact that there was no immediate evidence of a functional smoke alarm makes us all want to ensure that when we go home to our family and loved ones that we have smoke alarms outside the bedrooms, on all levels of the home.”

It is so important to take the time to make sure you have properly working fire alarms in your home. These alarms can be the key to avoiding serious fire-related burn injuries or even death should you ever experience a house fire. House fires can often be caused in many ways you may not expect including failed electrical systems, arson, candles, cooking equipment, or smoking. If it is determined that a house fire is caused by the intentional acts or negligent acts of another person or because of a faulty product and a loved one dies as a result, it is possible for family members of the victim to bring a wrongful death claim against the responsible party.

Investigating the details of what caused a fire can be tricky as well as stressful. Because of this, if you have lost a loved one in a house fire it can be extremely helpful to speak with an experienced wrongful death attorney who can assist in the investigation. A skilled attorney can help to determine if a wrongful death claim is available and determine the proper party to bring the claim against, depending on who is at fault. For example, if a specific person intentionally started the fire or carelessly allowed it to start or spread because of inattention, that person would be responsible for any harm caused to others by the fire. If the fire starts as a result of a faulty product, a products liability claim could be brought against the manufacturer to recover damages.

Tragically, house fires, burn injuries, and even wrongful death caused by fire happen every day.   If someone you love has been a victim of a fire caused by another person or product, a wrongful death claim can be a way to receive financial compensation for your loss. A Walch Law we have years of experience with wrongful death claims due to fires and many other causes. We are here to help you during you difficult time by doing what we can to help you get the financial recovery you deserve. For a free consultation on your case contact us online or by calling 866-465-8792.

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