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Anaheim Car Jacking Suspect Causes String of Crashes, Injuring Four

A series of accidents occurred in Anaheim, when a suspect attempted to flee police after stealing a car.  According to CBS Los Angeles, a 2015 Honda was reported stolen early that day, and was spotted shortly after by a police officer. When the officer tried to pull the driver over, the suspect sped off attempting to evade the officer.

The suspect then led the officer on a four minute high-speed chase through Anaheim that ended with a collision. The car hit by the suspect contained a woman and two children, and all three were transported to the hospital for their injuries. The chase also caused an additional three crashes, sending a fourth person to the hospital with injuries.  

The suspect was apprehended and booked on “suspicion of carjacking, possession of a stolen vehicle, hit and run and evading police.”

In this case, the driver of the stolen vehicle was very lucky no one was killed, but he still can be held responsible for injuring several people. In addition to the criminal charges the driver will face, those injured in the accidents caused by his careless high-speed chase can bring a personal injury claim against the driver for their injuries. Even if a car accident injury may seem minor, it can still require costly hospital stays and significant time and money to assist in the recovery process. A personal injury lawsuit can help those injured in a crash like this one to get the economic compensation they deserve for their injuries.

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