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6 People Injured in Van Nuys Car Accident

A Van Nuys car accident this morning, at around 6:00 A.M., resulted in six people suffering serious enough injuries to need to be transported to the hospital for medical care. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Van Nuys accident happened when five cars collided with each other at Vanowen Street and Sepulveda Boulevard.

Authorities disclosed that the injuries to the six people ranged from moderate to severe, but fortunately nobody was killed in this accident. Earlier reports indicated that there was a car accident fatality in this incident.

The Los Angeles Fire Department and Los Angeles Police Department were helping care for the victims at the scene of the car accident in Van Nuys. The LAPD will need to investigate the accident and prepare a Traffic Collision Report, wherein they indicate the statements of the parties and provide their recommendation as to fault, if possible, from the information they are able to obtain.

Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers handle many car accident cases in Van Nuys and we are very familiar with the area, as we have appeared many times in the Van Nuys Courthouse. Attorneys representing the injured parties here will have to determine who the responsible party or parties are and make claims with their car insurance, if they have it. Unfortunately, many people driving around Los Angeles do not have auto insurance or have inadequate coverage when the injuries suffered are severe. In those cases, it is necessary that the injured party have uninsured motorist coverage to help cover the car accident damages.

In an accident like this, those damages will include medical bills, including ambulance, hospital and other bills that are almost certain to arise, loss of earnings and pain and suffering. Most personal injury attorneys, including our office, also handle the property damage and repair claims on behalf of our injured clients.

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