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1 Killed, 2 in Serious Condition After Los Angeles Work Accident

A Los Angeles work accident at a pharmaceutical company in Atwater Village, has resulted in the death of an employee and serious injuries to two other workers.

Apparently, on Friday morning, a worker saw two of his colleagues unconscious from inhaling very strong ethanol fumes that they were using to clean blood plasma from a container. The worker called 911 for emergency assistance and then went to help his co-workers. Unfortunately, he was also overcome by the fumes and died from this Los Angeles work injury. Paramedics and firefighters arrived at the scene close to 4:00 a.m., where they found two unconscious workers in the container and the third worker, who was also unconscious, outside the container.

Due to the extreme threat from the fumes, the rescue workers had to put on protective suits with breathing equipment so they could enter the area to try to rescue the workers. Jaime Moore, Los Angeles Fire Chief, said that if it had not been for the actions taken by the rescue workers, all three workers would have been killed in this work related accident.

It is unclear at this time if negligence played a part in this work accident in Los Angeles, with the resulting death of one and grave injuries to two, but it can be assumed that this is an accident that should not have happened. When California employees are injured on the job, they may make a California workers compensation claim against their employers. If there was negligence by someone else, they may also have a Los Angeles personal injury claim. Either way, the family of the deceased, whose claim may be for wrongful death, and the injured workers and their families, should contact a Los Angeles attorney immediately.

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